Tossing It by Rachel Robinson


Leif Andersson knows a lot of things. How to hunt terrorists, where to hide from his neurotic, overbearing sisters, when to make a reasonable judgement call, and why he’s never settled down with a woman. When a SEAL base opens in the small, coastal town of Bronze Bay, Florida, Leif knows it’s the perfect situation to shake things up after years of fighting a monotonous, global war. A simple place, to build a simple life turns out to be anything but when he meets and falls in love with her.

Dementia stole Malena Winterset’s mother. It also took her father. He abandoned them both a decade ago when the mental illness grew to be more than he could bear. As the primary caretaker for her mother, Malena spends her days planning parties and working at the Bronze Bay General Store. Her nights are spent at home, wishing for something more. When a SEAL base opens, a new, handsome face in town makes his presence known, but his affections come with rules.

1.) Two forms of birth control

2.) Never leave stuff at his place

3.) Be content to never meet his family

4.) Don’t fall in love with him

When the unthinkable happens, and three of the rules are shockingly, and accidentally broken, lives are changed forever.

At least Malena never left her toothbrush in his bathroom…

ellie's $0.02:

Okayyyy, here we go. This was my first Rachel Robinson read, so I really had no idea what to expect. 

I knew it was Navy Seal.  I knew it was secret baby.  (Hello, look at the damn cover, people.  I'm not giving spoilers away.)

My expectations starting it was "Wonderful.  Cocky ego-maniac military dude, knocks her up.  He's going to be a dick because he doesn't want kids and a family.  He's a whore.  I hate him. I'm hungry and need tacos."  Given, that last thought was totally irrelevant, but it was still there.

What I didn't expect was for the author to knock me off my feet and make me forget about tacos momentarily. 

I also was slightly frightened that the heroine, Malena, was going to be too soft for me.  And I really was in the mood for crunchy and not soft.  Shit.  Back to the tacos.

But Malena worried me.  She seemed soft.  She had a lot going on in her life.  

And how the hell were these two going to mesh?  Oh.  The rules.  That's how.  But come on... we all know rules don't mean jack shit.

ANYWAY. I had forgotten about tacos and was utterly consumed with this book. The style of writing was enjoyable, there was humor, there was chemistry... and even in moments of devastation, I was still right there.

Why is it so hot when guy's talk like their dick is a third person?

My favorite scene is the hospital scene.  Let me know when you get to it so we can giggle together with our hands over our mouths.

P.S.  Tacos have absolutely no relevance to the story.  I was just hungry at the time.