Written in the Sand by D.B. James


Writing your wishes in the sand and believing in the magic of them coming true is for children. Tenley Grace stopped believing in the enchantment of them the day she lost her husband of twelve years. Left with an obliterated heart, she struggles to find the woman she once was. 

Stumbling upon sexy tattoo artist, Case Ballantyne, could be the perfect distraction she needs to help her pick up the pieces again. His time in town is temporary which is exactly what Tenley is looking for. 

Fate keeps bringing them together even when life should keep them apart. 

Can a wish Written in the Sand by Case withstand the storms life throws at them or will it forever be washed away with the tide?


K3’s $0.02

D.B. James is a new author to me.  I have to say, she has caught my attention. 

This story sucked me in and I loved how relatable it was. James did a great job at capturing the emotions of Tenley’s loss. The ups and downs, walking on the edge, feeling lost and the struggle to see hope when you are surrounded by pain. After being with someone for 12 years, it is hard to know who you are as a person. 

Then you meet Case and he is just wonderful. He was supposed to be her kick starter back to life but ended up being so much more. His patience and understanding was so heartwarming.

This is an emotional story of self-discovery and second chances at love. Such a wonderful and emotional read.