Dirty War (Dirty Justice #2) by N.E. Henderson



His name brings fire to my belly and piercing pain to my chest. He stole something from me I never knew I wanted. He tried to take me away from Drago in his attempt to end my life. I was supposed to be a message; payback for not accepting an offer—a partnership. And although I may be alive, Diaz might have succeeded in ripping Drago from me.

For now, I have to put that behind me and focus on finding the little boy that needs rescuing from the deadliest drug lord Southern California has ever seen.

I never imagined there was anything that would make me cross that thin blue line. But despair and hate and sorrow can blur one’s vision so much that the line doesn’t exist anymore. I didn’t ask for this war, but I do plan on ending it—ending him.

An eye for an eye.

ellie's $0.02:

This is a must read and a must read the first book in the series to make sense.  Dirty Blue lays the foundation and begins the framework.   Dirty War destroys the framework and hot guy that was building it.

Dirty Blue is the first in the series and if you thought that one was good, I'm telling you right now that Dirty War puts it to shame.  And that's saying a ton.  I finished War with my jaw on the floor. And promptly messaged the author saying “WTF.”   I’ll just leave that at that.

In all honesty, N.E. Henderson is another up and coming author that MUST be watched. This series is a must.  I was engaged with the first and this book 100% secured my attention.  

And don’t worry.  It’s totally normal to hate Drago during this book and be completely baffled by his behavior and his lack of emotion... and who the fuck is he now. He’s got serious groveling and flowers to buy me before I ever talk to that man again.

CAN NOT WAIT for Dirty Sin!