Tiger Striped (Shifter's Unbound #12) by Jennifer Ashley


A novella of the Shifters Unbound series

Tiger wakes in the night knowing someone distant is in trouble, and he feels a terrible pull to help. His mate, Carly, is not about to let him run off alone, and so Tiger takes her on a wild adventure for what proves to be the most important rescue mission of his life.

Pet’s $0.02

Tiger is by far my absolute favorite character in this entire series. Well, maybe Olie but how can you not love a baby polar bear shifter… 

But, back to Tiger. He’s my favorite. He’s the one all the kids love and the one who stands as their protector. He finds the lost, avenges the wronged and has a weird, almost mystical ability to just “know” things. He’s purrfect… 

This book gives a little bit back to Tiger that he lost through his years of imprisonment. The things done to this man, by the Shifter Bureau and others, was horrible and I cheer a little bit every time he kicks one of those Bureau guys asses.

His trek across states, illegal for shifters by the way, is both an epic road trip and a harrowing race to get to the shifter he can feel is in trouble before it’s too late to help them. He doesn’t know who it is, he doesn’t know what the problem is, he just knows he has to get there. And for a novella, there is a ton of action packed into this one. 

And, once the shifter Tiger is headed towards is revealed, you’re going to be anxiously awaiting more from them, and Tiger, in a future book! Because you know what happened was not good, and even though Tiger is one Zen-like shifter, he’s going to want some serious revenge.