Cursed Heart (The Siren Coven #2) by Kim Loraine


I knew Helena was mine the moment I saw her. 

Then I watched her die. 

I thought I’d lost her forever so I gave in to my fallen angel nature, living in the shadows for decades.
That was, until I found out my soul mate is a witch cursed to be reborn. 

Now I’m tasked to help her fight the forces who want to unleash Lucifer. 
She doesn’t know it, but we’re written in the stars. 

I’ll go to Hell and back to have another chance at a life with her.

ellie's $0.02:

If you are a PNR fan, this is a MUST HAVE or MUST READ... whichever is your style.  If you are asking what PNR is, you probably aren't a fan.  Which is okay, you should just become one.

Paranormal romance readers, hop on this series, stat.

Here we have Helena and Tamiel's story.  And Tamiel... yeah... he does everything for me.  Like everything.  Hot fallen angel?  Yes fucking please.

Okay so aside from a hot fallen angel that does funny things to me.  We do have Helena (she is a witch, literally) trying to break curses and stuff and of course twists and bumps in that process.  I mean, what kind of story would it be if everything went smoothly and as planned?

Nothing short of hot chemistry between these two characters in the process. A spin of loyalty, friends, and family.  If you read the first in the series, this one definitely shows you the other side of what you THINK Tamiel and Helena are all about.

Wonderful characters, wonderful storyline.  And do I need to say again, FALLEN ANGEL.  Go read.