Afternoon Delight (Charity Case #2) by Piper Rayne


The perfect man for me is the one who broke my heart. #thanksbutnothanks

Once bitten.
Twice shy.
Yeah, I wish.

I'm on a mission to find myself a nice, solid, respectable man. The only problem is nice, solid, and respectable comes in a meh package and is B-O-R-I-N-G as hell.

It's been established. I have one type. Bad Boy. I tried the other flavors, I really did. But there's nothing like the allure of a man who takes what he wants without apology. 

As if my love life isn't dramatic enough, Dean Bennett walks into my life again thinking he's going to win me back with his charm and charisma. He might come in a different package, but under that expensive suit he's still the same cocky, arrogant, pompous prick who only cares about numero uno. 

I'm not that naïve young girl anymore so I have to ignore the fact that the way he looks at me practically sets my panties on fire.

Everyone deserves a second chance to right a wrong. The problem? He's not just an ex-boyfriend…

He's my ex-husband.

ellie's $0.02:

Not many books are out there where the ex is actually a decent human.  Much less the characters end up back together! 

Piper Rayne handled this with such grace and humor, tackling a gross divorce, addressing the problems causing the divorce, getting family to accept the ex, and the characters realizing the love is still there.  All the while making it angsty and serious, but light-hearted all at once.

Somehow they are able to make the reader forgive the evil ex and all his wrongdoings.  Too bad that doesn't happen in real life with a 100 pages of advice.  But I loved getting lost in this story for the day.  And while Dean was made out to be the bad guy, he's really not.  But I can't give it all away.

Sounds so serious, doesn't it?  It is a little more angsty and serious than the norm from this author duo, but this isn't a bad thing.  I definitely got a different vibe, a more serious vibe, and I still loved what came of it. Don't get me wrong.  Still full of fun and a fun read.

Never a disappointment out of these two! I was delighted all times of the day with this one, not just the afternoon.