Undeniable Temptation (Reckless Beat #5) by Eden Summers


Haunted by a kiss.

With his destructive marriage behind him, Ryan Bennett can no longer deny his insatiable attraction to the one woman in control of his future. He needs her. Craves her. She’s the only glimpse of happiness through the building drama in his life and yet one drunken kiss has pushed her further away.

Tormented by what’s at stake.

Leah Gorman’s management contract states she can never act on her feelings for any members of the Reckless Beat band but Ryan has always owned her heart. No matter how long he’s held her captive with his deep soul and easy friendship, he’s off limits. End of story. If only her heart would get the memo. She can’t resist him. Even when their attraction gets in the way of her job.

The price of love is high. Is it worth the cost?

With Leah’s career on the line and Ryan’s reputation in tatters, ignoring their attraction may prove safer than risking everything they hold dear. They have to decide what matters most—their years of friendship, or a chance at love that will destroy them both if they can’t make it work.

Pet’s $0.02

This was actually pretty good and I was scared this was going to jump the shark, because I was kind of apprehensive about it from reading the prior books. So much could go wrong.

This relationship/non-relationship has had its ups and downs from day one. I would have probably been just as pissed off as Julie was in the beginning, but the man never gave her a reason to doubt his loyalty, so I have to place the blame for Ryan’s marriage ending squarely on Julie’s shoulders.

However, I think that Ryan fucked up royally and didn’t do himself any favors when he confronted Leah about her feelings for him after he found out Julie was divorcing him. And, I just knew his bitch of a wife, was going to be a major pain in his ass, and not in a good way, later down the line. Fuckin’ bitches…

Leah was kind of cold throughout a lot of the book and I wanted her to fight so much harder for Ryan. He deserved the fight! I wanted her to push him to fight for her in return! I get that she had to think of her career and the band. I get that he’s played her hot and cold. But, fuck girl, he’s offering everything you ever wanted with him! Fucking jump! 

This is the book that fans have been waiting for. 

Is it everything that I’d hoped for? I’d have to say the short answer for that one is yes…