Forevermore (Blood & Bone #3) by C.C. Wood


Ava Amaris is a witch with no past. Not one that she can remember anyway.

She is cursed. For lifetimes, she's walked the earth with no knowledge of where she came from or who she once was. 

Despite the loss of her memories, Ava forges a life. She has a home, a career, and friends. Yet her heart remains shielded and cold. There is no room for love within her. Her relationships are short and casual, very rarely inspiring more than mild affection.

Until she meets Macgrath, the first man to crack the stone around her heart.

Ewan Macgrath is a vampire with no future. Not without Ava by his side.
She is his mate and his chance at peace, yet she won't accept him. He can feel the fire inside her, the passion she denies, but Ava refuses to give in to him. To trust him.

While Ava fights a war of hearts and Macgrath searches for the maker he's never known, a battle of a different sort arises. They must join forces in order to defeat a dark and powerful witch who seems to know everything about them, including their origins and how they came to be cursed.

Soon, Ava and Macgrath discover that their destiny was created in another time and place, binding them with magic and blood. 

Once the truth is revealed, it could destroy them...or it could make them whole.

Pet’s $0.02

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Ava and Macgrath's story. 

It was tragic to say the least. 


To be separated for 2000 years is pretty harsh. Talk about a second chance romance!

And, I can't believe what the Goddess asked of Ava. That takes some serious balls to ask her not to get her pound of flesh from Rhiannon. But, I guess she is a Goddess, so… I guess you have to make some concessions.


I mean Rhiannon fucked with her and Macgrath’s lives pretty seriously. That woman was a total bitch with an epic hard on for Macgrath and completely green with envy where Ava was concerned. 


I’m not saying that Macgrath is completely free of blame. He followed that bitch Rhiannon around for fucking years! Did all kinds of heinous shit for her just because she dangled the carrot of helping him learn his past in front of him. Dude, after a hundred years if she hasn’t coughed up the info, she’s not going to. Extract yourself from that loon. She’s toxic. 


Ava, I loved. Sure, she’s made some bad choices. Who wouldn’t have over two thousand years? I’ve made epically bad choices over a weekend. But, she also pulled her life together and reigned in the doom and gloom. She knew something was missing from her life and she could lay every bit of it at Rhiannon’s feet. Damn, I wanted to see a total smack down when Ava finally confronted Rhiannon. 


This book also has what I’m considering bonus material. You find out more about Finn, more about Savannah and more about Savannah’s cat. I was surprised, and also a little weirded out, about the cat. It adds a whole new layer to why her cat loved Finn so much. I think Savannah needs to watch her back…or her man, or her back and her man. No, really, Finn wouldn’t do that. But, damn.


The only thing that detracted from this book, in my opinion, is that Ava and Macgrath's history had been gone into in book two to a good extent, and a lot of this book just seemed like a retelling of what we already knew. I would have rather had more one on one interaction between Ava and Macgrath.