Love Undecided by Denise Wells


As far as Kat’s concerned, if you have too much goodness in your life it will always turn bad. Except for Brad. Because nothing bad ever happened to Brad until Kat. She’s Brad’s bad. Even if her reckless behavior doesn’t hurt him, the timeline on her life will. It’s why they’re apart. And if she has anything to do with it, they’ll stay that way.

For Brad, life with Kat is hi-definition Technicolor on a crazy beautiful display. Everything else before and after her is just grayscale. Which is why he’s going after her and letting nothing get in his way. As soon as they catch the guy who is stalking her. And he finds a way to break it off with his current girlfriend.

ellie's $0.02:

This was my first Denise Wells read, and to say I enjoyed it or that I was merely "entertained" by it is a gross understatement.

"Cancer sucks."

Well, Jesus Christ, what am I getting into with this book.  

Surprisingly with the cancerous cancer theme in the book, the story is highly entertaining and yes... HUMOROUS.

While it's not all fun and games, we do have a mystery going on here... a case to solve (and a psychic dying of cancer is going to solve these crimes).  The Shower Stealer must be caught.  This criminal is breaking into houses taking a shower and leaving those showers on in the California drought for hours on end... but then twelve-year-old girls start disappearing too.  

Shit. Fuck. Piss.

WHAT IS THIS BOOK?  Is this a mystery?  Is this a devastating book about a woman with cancer? Is it funny?  And I forgot to add.  Kat (the psychic with cancer but is busy solving crimes) broke up with her ex who is a hot firefighter, and Kat is now a slut trying to work out her terminal illness, but trying not to be a slut because she loves her ex and her ex is doing everything he can to win her back.  

So is this a rom-com?

Shit. Fuck. Piss.  I don't even know.  Yes to all of it.

There are boy chicks in it.  There are hot firefighters and police detectives and a pink haired friend and a pin-up-girl-looking friend.

Kat is crazy, bad-ass, silly, clumsy, hilarious and fighting a terminal illness.

Yes to this all.  This book was fucking brilliant and highly, highly, highly entertaining.

Classified as one of ellie's top-rated reads to pickup.  


“Don’t do this, Kat, or —”
“Or what?”
Brad stays silent. His teeth clenched and gaze hard.
“That’s what I thought,” I say. Even though I actually have no idea what that thought really is.