From Ashes To Flames (A West Brothers Novel #1) by A.M. Hargrove


This is a stand alone contemporary romance novel from the author of For The Love of English

I had it all—the dream job, a wonderful boyfriend, a fabulous life. 
Or that’s what I thought.
Then my life took an unexpected turn and I found myself working as a nanny for the hot-tempered Dr. West.
He and his regimented spreadsheets and rude attitude were more than anyone should have to take.
If that jerkface thought he could order me around, he’d better think again.
Then one day I discovered his secrets, which explained why he acted the way he did. 
I never expected my heart to soften towards him so much.
I never expected to have such sexy dreams about him.
Nor did I expect to want him the way I did.
But he was my boss, older than me, and off-limits. 
And if I wasn’t careful, everything, including my heart, would go up in flames.


 Petellie’s $0.02


Pet: This book was packed full of drama.

ellie: It really was.  From the very beginning, in the first chapter I was seeking revenge. But let's be real.  The real drama is that Pet kept referring to the book as FATF while we read and I always thought she was calling me Fat Fuck.  Ah.  Drama fighting when girls call each fat.


Pet: Marin was quirky and fun and I liked that most of the time she stood up to Greydon’s assholishness. But she also needed to kick him right in the fucking balls a lot of those times….and there was way too little of that happening to really make me happy.

ellie: Marin/Marlin was a bowl of cherries and Fruit Loops mixed together.  Maybe it was her hair color I'm getting confused with. I did like her though.


Pet: Greydon was just a deliberate fool. I thought I was going to love him because of how much he participated in parenting with is wife, how much he loved his kids… I wanted to feel bad for the shit show he found himself a part of. He just wouldn’t let me do it!

ellie: Right? Why didn't Marin kick him in the balls a few times. But I do have to say a few times I loves his assholeness.  But we all know something is wrong with my tastes so there is that.


Pet: Greyson, get out of your own fucking way and let me love you! Don’t make me find excuses to feel good about liking you.

ellie: Oh.  Pet was quoting there. I thought I was getting a public love declaration.


Pet: The book pulled me in and the conflict between these two kept me reading.

ellie: It's a great dramatic love read. And I do love the conflict too. Just get past getting called FATF (fat fuck) when we reference it.