Savaged (The Bitter Years, #1) by R.K. Gleason


Throughout Bob’s celestial lifetime, one thing’s been proven to him time and time again, across all the planes of existence… angels are assholes. 

Now, Bob and Niki must learn to survive among them.

ellie's $0.02:

The start of a spin off series. This is Bob. And Niki (unfortunately). I'm a Bob fan.  Not a Niki fan. That's not a secret. And now I'm a Lo fan. But I don't think I'm vegetarian yet. No Horace, no Shepard, no Matthew, no Uriel. Some new characters and new adventures.

This series has a new look, a different feel.  A deeper vibe in a way. Almost feels like R.K. is trying to teach me a life lesson. Until he writes about angel schlongs.

Still spots of Gleason humor shining through, especially with the character dialogues.  This one just hits some new depths I haven't seen before out of him.  I was psyched to see that. With Bob's book/series, we see a more serious side of sideshow Bob. And it's not disappointment.

These are like adult dark Wizard of Oz books.

While not the focus or the point of the book, I do have to say I am obsessed with angel dick (if you hadn't picked up on that). Like their actual anatomy. Intrigued really. I think I need a visual. I Because I always imagined them like David. Barely there. But R.K. seems to have a different theory...

As always, we are left hanging and wondering what the next adventure will take us on.

And angels really are assholes.