Taking It Slow (Doing Bad Things #3) by Jordan Marie


A bottle of tequila
10 lime wedges
1 sexy blonde
Add in a crazy Vegas weekend

Lick and Swallow.

What do you get? A recipe for disaster.

Last night I got married.
I think.
I'm not exactly sure.
I was drunk off my ass, so it's not exactly crystal clear.
But, I woke up with a ring on my finger, a marriage certificate, and a sneaking suspicion I had a wild wedding night.
Oh, and a bride who is long gone.

Apparently, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay here. Sometimes it takes off running.
But a runaway bride is the least of my problems.

Now I’m chasing after my runaway bride with divorce on my mind.
What could go wrong?
Besides everything.

Pet’s $0.02

So, I was really looking forward to this book and honestly I loved Faith, but I think that Titan had some issues to work through before he ever got involved with anyone.

Titan has already got a fiancé.  He's already set to marry someone who can secure his career future. But even if he doesn't love her, he still shouldn't have been fucking anyone else, let alone marrying them.

Now, I loved Faith. She has a way of looking at the world that just made me laugh. Her washing the cars at the little run-down gas station was hilarious. I did like that Faith finally went back home to her family.

And, while I love that Titan found someone he could love… I did not love that it took so long for Titan to figure out that Faith was it for him.

It’s a good, fun read. And, I may be biased, but the men in this series just pissed me off, and this book was not the exception. You’ll love the women, but I’ve not found a man yet in this series that made me want to champion them.