Complicated Parts (A Complicated Hearts spin-off.) by Ashley Jade


They say everyone has either an addiction, obsession, or weakness in this world. Something that can penetrate you down to the core and influence you in a way nothing else can. 
I have all three. 
One happens to be her. 

Kit Bishop is in my veins.
But unfortunately for me, she's the drug I'll never be able to indulge in and the high I can't chase. 

Because I'm a liar. 
A thief. 
And I've destroyed everything that's ever been mine. 

Author note: This book is a spin-off featuring different characters from the Complicated Hearts duet. It is not necessary to read the Complicated Hearts duet to read Preston and Kit's story. Although some spoilers for the Complicated Hearts duet may occur. 

Warning: This story is for mature readers only, due to language and sexual themes. 

Things are going to get even more...complicated.

ellie's $0.02:

Review status:  It's Complicated.

This ain't your momma's romance. I'm not even sure if it's a romance. It's definitely a complicated romance.  And if it's going the way I have a hunch it's going to go, then it's going to get even more complicated getting there.

Ashley took me into a world where I was completely and utterly lost into while reading. Everything around me disappeared and I was pretty much living this story as a side-character.  With no lines or role.  Just there. Observing. Like a creepy voyeur.

This is not conventional. This is frustrating. This is angsty. This is emotional. This is brilliant. I love the characters. I hate the characters. I love all of the complications. And I want more of it. So much more.