I'll Be Waiting by A.M. Hargrove


I went to fight for my country and for freedom. 
When the IED exploded, it took part of my leg … and ended my career.
Fighting back was harder than I imagined, but I did it. 
Putting the pieces back together was even worse. 
But I refused to let it defeat me.
I climbed that mountain only to discover I was flawed.
And always would be.

Then my life took a turn and a different kind of explosion occurred. 
This one affected my heart.
Perfection in every sense of the word stood before me …
Something I wasn't or would ever be. 
Because I was disfigured.
Why is it the things you want most are those you can never have? 
I've learned the most important battles are the ones worth fighting for… and maybe some things are worth waiting a lifetime for.

*This is a spin-off of Craving Midnight

ellie's $0.02:

Just a reminder that this is a NOVELLA, so it is QUICK moving.  If you're not into a quick insta-love, don't pick up novellas.

With that said, I love me a quick novella.  Hit me hard and fast with all the love and angst you can fit in the shorter pages.  YES.  Hargrove did just that.

This is a military love and hits all the right strides at a quick pace to fit it all in.  This is a SPIN-OFF so those of you craving for more, hit the rest of the series.  For me?  It was a nice quick break.  A super sweet read and I love the spin of a "disfigured" (the character's words, not mine) heroine missing part of her leg.  

In the short span of the novella, Hargrove took me from the darkness of war, losing a leg, to recovery, to the sweetness of falling in love with the scars and starting over in a small town. 

Hargrove has a way with words and the novella does not disappointment in the story-telling department. 

Believe me.  I wanted to drop all sorts of jokes and puns into the review.  But I held back.  This one is too sweet for my morbid humor.