Sever (Closer #2) by Mary Elizabeth


Misery overstayed its welcome. 

But fate will not be so easily swayed.

Gabriella Mason and Teller Reddy have walked a thin line between affection and hostility for years. The intensity that once set them on fire has ended their engagement and separated them by more than just miles. 

Forced together by circumstances they never saw coming, Gabriella and Teller have no choice but to face the past that brought them together and ultimately severed them apart. 

Wrecked and Damaged have collided. 

This is what happens when they try to pick up the pieces.

ellie's $0.02:

I finally got the Teller and Ella I've been craving and wanting.  Finally.

Mary Elizabeth is back and has nailed it with book two in the Closer series with Sever. In my humble opinion, this is even better than book one.

Teller and Ella are back with the rest of their story.  The rest of their anger.  The rest of their fighting.  The rest of their hostility. The rest of these two terrorizing each other.  Teller remains a dick, prick, and a jerk.  Ella remains selfish and bitchy.

But their love is there.

While I'd love to call these characters fucked up, they just seem too real for me to call fucked up.

Teller and Ella are so hostile, so damaged, and so perfectly bad for each other.   It’s all so perfect. 

And they finally figure it out.

Bad decision after bad decision after bad decision finally comes together. While I was worried these two would never figure it out.  Or they would and I would just be terribly uncomfortable with their relationship and how it works... I mean, who the fuck treats each other the way these two do?

But Mary writes it like it is.

Mary hit all the right chords with this one.  A dash of humor and so much anger. Perfect writing.  Perfect style.  Perfect torment.  Perfectly damaging.  

Somehow I came out feeling really fucking good.