With This Man (This Man #4) by Jodi Ellen Malpas


Jesse Ward is back in the newest novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling This Man series!

Life is good for Jesse "The Lord" Ward. Perfect, actually. He still has the charm, he's in great shape, and he still reduces his wife, Ava, to a pool of desire with a mere look. He's in full control, just how he likes it.

But Jesse's perfect world falls apart when a terrible accident lands Ava in the hospital with a life-threatening head injury. Devastated and angry, he feels like his entire existence hangs in the balance. He cannot survive without this woman's love. So when she finally comes around, his shaking world begins to level out. But his nightmare doesn't end there. It's only just begun. Because his wife can't remember the last sixteen years of her life. That's all of him. All of their time together. He is a stranger to her.

Now Jesse must do whatever it takes to find her memories . . . and help her fall madly, passionately in love with him all over again.

Our $0.02 in a threesome or do we call it the K3PETDD?

K3:I seriously shit myself when I heard JEM was bringing us more Jesse. I seriously have the biggest love/hate relationship with that man. He is so infuriating one minute then so damn sexy and kind of swoon worthy the next. Does that make sense?

Pet:That makes total sense. I’ve never read a man that I wanted to nut punch more than Jesse. I get he’s kind of fucked in the head sometimes, but there are just some things I had a hard time excusing.

DD:Like K3, I was ridiculously excited to learn JEM was giving us more of The Lord. I am a huge fan of the original series. The trampling, countdowns, Sunpat….HUGE fan. But, like Pet, there were some things that were a little disappointing. While Jessie is still The Lord of the Manor and Ava is her sassy self, there were things that became a little predictable.

With that said, I loved diving back into JEM’s world of Jessie and Ava. Time has not changed these two, except their kids. The twins are older and have taken on traits of their parents that I truly enjoyed seeing.

K3:16 years hasn’t changed The Lord one bit. The only thing that has changed is his age. He still tramples, he still throws his tantrums and he still loses his fucking shit when it comes to Ava and his daughter.

Pet:I don’t mind Jesse’s trampling. I mean, Ava knew what she was getting into with him and if it works for them, it works. She’s the one who has to live with is tantrums and outrageous dictates. I’m surprisingly okay with this.

K3:One of my favorite parts of the book *SPOILER ALERT!*

“What is that?” she cries. “That’s a weapon of mass destruction!” I blurt mindlessly, kicking it away”. “What’s a weapon of mass destruction?” “A Bomb!” I grad Maddie and throw her over my shoulder, pelting out of the kitchen at top speed.

“Quick, Dad! Before it explodes!”

Pet:Yeah, that part was funny. Though, with all the hardware Jesse was a fan of at The Manor, you’d think one little dildo wouldn’t threaten him so much. I just would have expected him to take ownership of it, just like he did Ava’s pleasure.

K3:I know I am going to get fed to the wolves for this but I was a little disappointed when it came to the drama. Don’t get me wrong- Ava’s accident was tragic but I was hoping for more from a newbie. I didn’t feel it was necessary to have what I thought was dealt with in the past to be in the present…. Again. Yes, I am being vague on purpose. My point is the newbie could have made it a bit more difficult for our dear Lord of the Manor to get Ava to fall in love with him again.

Pet:I completely agree K3! The accident was tragic and did have a good bit of drama, but I kind of felt like a lot of the book was a rehash of everything that had happened in the prior books and there was so much drama that could have been brought in after the memory loss. So many lost opportunities. I mean Cherry could have been a gold mine! How better to bring some drama into an already volatile and uncertain situation?

K3:What I loved was the complete vulnerable and helpless side of Jesse. It made him more human to me. It was heartbreaking. I teared up a few times. I love it when our alpha males get all soft and helpless. I think it makes them sexier.

DD:Like the original series, my absolute favorite is vulnerable Jessie. Seeing his soft, squishy center melts my butter. (Massive points if you get the movie reference.) Jessie’s emotion in dealing with Ava’s accident was heart wrenching. Yet, his tenacity with this new challenge was met in true Jessie fashion, head one and with pure stubbornness. He fights, especially when it comes to Ava. Nothing, and I mean nothing, stops him from getting what he wants. And what Jessie wants is his family to be whole again.

Pet:I will admit that when Jesse shows definite signs of cracking, I cried. He’s such a strong man, and to see what Ava’s recovery is doing to him just made me feel so bad for what he was going through. It was almost enough to make me forgive him for his transgressions in their past.

K3:Ava cracked me up. Even after her accident, she didn’t lose her spunk or her defiance. It made me sad when her body and heart remembered everyday things but her mind just wouldn’t get on board. I lost it when she was making lunch for her kids, oh that crushed me. I couldn’t even imagine.

DD:Ava has always been a one of my top female leads. She goes toe to toe with Jessie and never backs down. I fucking love strong female characters. So, it was difficult to see her struggling after the accident. Like Pet, her trying to do things for the kids broke my heart. She knew she loved them even though her memories were cloudy at best. Her struggle to recall what her body already knew was hard.

Pet:Ava is a tough sell for me a lot of times. I do think she’s funny, but I think she fights some things with Jesse that are just silly. Sometimes I think she does it just to get a rise out of him, not because she’s actually upset with what he’s doing. But, I did warm up to her in this book, especially when you see how she’s struggling to get back to where she was before the accident.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I think I would have enjoyed it more had some new drama been pulled in. This just felt too much like a rework of old gripes that were already covered. But, I do always appreciate any additional Jesse I can get.

DD:After all this time, the Lord of the Manor still reigns.