Laced with Fear (Cash Bar #1) by Hayley Faiman


A Notorious Devils Spin-Off Series.

Ginger knows evil. She’s looked it straight in the eye. Now, she is determined to overcome her fears—one day at a time. 

Her life began again, with a second chance at love. 

Snake, the president of the Notorious Devils, understands guilt. Every time he looks at his pregnant wife, that guilt threatens to consume him. 

He’s a new man now. A changed man—or at least that’s what he tells himself. 

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to, Violence, Language, and Sexual Content.

ellie's $0.02:

Action-packed from the get-go.  Packed with sex (like a fuck ton), crime, violence, action, deception and everything in between.  This is full of everything that makes the average person uncomfortable.  So duh, of course, I loved it.

I'll be perfectly honest here.  I didn't like Snake.  I still don't.  I wasn't super crazy about Ginger.  I'm still not.  This is a personal problem, not a problem that Faiman fucked up on.  I just wasn't crazy about either of their personalities or their traits or them in general.  However, they were still laid out with perfection and precision and readers will still love them.  They just aren't my friends.  And that is okay.

But what is truly brilliant about this is that I still LOVED the book.  The premise and the plot were top notch and I was completely engrossed and in love regardless of my personal lack of feeling for Snake and Ginger.  I love the violence.  I love the deception.

And when the trigger says it's violent, when it's violent, it is violent. One particular scene had me crossing my legs, and not in the good way like a lady. Because the scene is most definitely not lady-like.  But I love me some discomfort.  Bring it.