Soft Wild Ache: A Small Town Rockstar Romance (Kings of Crown Creek Book 3) by Vivian Lux


Beau King is the most beautiful sin I’ve ever seen. 

I grew up knowing one thing: the outside world is wrong. 
Books? Sinful. Nonbelievers? Destined for hellfire. 
And rock music? Pure evil. 
Beau is everything my mother warned me about. 
Hazel green eyes. Tempting voice. And that ripped body? Heaven help me. 

I want his mouth on mine and his hands in forbidden places. 
I want to confess the soft wild ache in my heart to him. 
But even though I’ve left the cult behind, I still can’t escape. 
I’ve cast off its chains, but I’m not free. 
If I let myself fall from grace and into Beau’s arms, can I ever be forgiven?

ellie's $0.02:

My words faded into a blush, but Beau understood. "You want me to come for you, angel?"

Drink the purple Kool-Aid.   Trust me.

Rachel broke out of the compound and managed to make a life for herself in the secular world.  Or did she?  Enter Beau.

And talk about opposite worlds colliding.

Vivian did an amazing job of playing all the cards and pulling me in all directions.  I would start to get frustrated with Rachel and then remember she grew up in a cult... excuse me... a compound.

I loved the collision.  I loved that somehow the opposite lives worked.  I loved that it came down to personalities and chemistry and not upbringing and experience.

And Beau.  Beau had the patient of a saint.  A saint that maybe grew up on a compound.

I loved this one.  I'd call it a cult classic, but I think that is using the terminology wrong.