You've Got Fail by Celia Aaron


She’s driving me crazy. Or am I the one driving myself crazy? I can’t tell anymore. Ever since Scarlet Rocket showed up in the flesh, she’s turned my structured world upside down. My neatly ordered life, my hand-painted Aliens versus Vampires figurines, my expertly curated comics collection—none of these things provide any shelter from her sexy, sassy onslaught. It’s a disaster of my own making. She didn’t exist until I created her. Now, I can’t get her out of my mind, and all I want to do is get her into my bed. Never mind that she’s a thief, a liar, a con-woman. Every step she takes leaves chaos in her wake. And damn if I don’t want more of it.

Pet’s $0.02

Well, you can't really say you didn't know where this one was going. Still, it didn’t take anything away from the story at all.

I loved Willis and his friend Elias. Jason comes in later in the story, but he’s also funny as fuck. Elias had me laughing pretty much any time he showed up. The ideas he came up with for the sex toys his company made were a constant entertainment. Jason, the object of Willis’ geeking out, was just as funny. I’m seeing good things coming for both he and Elias in future books. At least, I hope I do.

Willis was so incredibly sweet, clueless, and way more trusting than he should have been. He’s a shy geeky guy who reeled me in from the beginning. Obviously, I have a type. There was not one inner Willis fan boy moment that I didn’t laugh out loud while reading. We’ve all been there when meeting one of our idols, right? I totally got it and wanted to fan girl right along with him in geekdom solidarity! But for someone so attuned to others people, offering them sound advice, I would have hoped he saw through Scarlet prior to her dropping her bomb on him at their joint appearance.

As for Scarlet and Hannah, I would have loved to know how much Scarlet was getting for standing in as Scarlet Rocket and if it was enough to pay her debts. Being able to eliminate the debt with the contract she signed wouldn’t have had the same impact or given Scarlet a reason to attach herself to Willis though, so I can live with not having that easy out. I do think Scarlet was way to easy on Hannah. I think Hannah should have been out helping Scarlet pull her out of the mess she’d gotten into. But, it did let you see that Scarlet could be loyal, making you sympathetic to her, and it allows you to excuse her actions up to a point. I still didn’t like what she was doing to Willis.

Willis and Scarlet made a great team. I wanted her to confide in him and let him help her, but she was way to independent and guarded to allow that to happen. I do think Willis should have expected some kind of shady deal from Scarlet, it’s not like she hid her less than legal proclivities from him. But, I loved that he gave her the benefit of the doubt and didn’t judge her immediately.