Bloodlines (Sin City Outlaws #5) by M.N. Forgy


I’m Mac, the Intel guy of the Sin City Outlaws motorcycle club. When it comes to technology, there’s no reading between the lines or emotions to decipher. I prefer two interactions with people. I either fuck them or kill them. There’s no confusion between a woman gasping when I thrust into her, or someone gasping for their last breath of air while I squeeze their neck.
Then Simone Ray walks into my life with sad brown eyes, beautiful lips, and pregnant with a child that could possibly share the same bloodline of a fallen brother's.
I'm the last person that should play daddy. I’m a biker and am no role model, but being with a woman who is anything but basic and far from a club chick, stirs a wind of chaos that I can't escape.
I was ordered to protect her...

Falling in love with a woman and a child that's not even mine was the last thing I saw happening.

ellie's $0.02:

I keep coming back for M.N. Forgy, so she's gotta be doing something right.

Bloodlines is definitely not a disappointment.  This was action and tension from the get-go (that means the very beginning).  And had I not known this was Mac's story, I definitely would have started traveling a different path in the beginning.  Two baby-daddies?  Three?  My God, what is happening here.  An "innocent" gang-bang turns into a super emotional and highly political mess.

I've read 4G (that's code for Forgy) for years now.  Every book she's ever written.  Except if she wrote some when she was in high school or something, I have not read those.  I love watching the growth with each of her books.  The depth.  The language.  The fucking violence and demented shit in her brain.

These characters are strong, strong-willed, no holds barred.  (Sometimes I worry if I'm using the right phrases in my reviews.)   They love hard, they hate hard, they fight hard. I was worried I wouldn't be able to relate to Simone.  Her arranged marriage, her upbringing, her personality, her means of rebelling - all I thought was going to be something I couldn't personally connect.  But leave it to 4G and Mac to fix it all for my poor little pea brain.  

I don't even need to write about how much I love Mac.  It's a given.

And as usual, these Sin City Outlaws make everything right in the world by crossing all kinds of lines that shouldn't be crossed.

And of course the villain and the revenge is my favorite part.  They usually are.