Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong


Nightmarish villains with superhuman enhancements.

An all-seeing social network that tracks your every move.

Mysterious, smooth-talking power players who lurk behind the scenes.

A young woman from the trailer park.

And her very smelly cat.

Together, they will decide the future of mankind.

Get ready for a world in which anyone can have the powers of a god or the fame of a pop star, in which human achievement soars to new heights while its depravity plunges to the blackest depths. A world in which at least one cat smells like a seafood shop's dumpster on a hot summer day.

This is the world in which Zoey Ashe finds herself, navigating a futuristic city in which one can find elements of the fantastic, nightmarish and ridiculous on any street corner. Her only trusted advisor is the aforementioned cat, but even in the future, cats cannot give advice. At least not any that you'd want to follow.

Will Zoey figure it all out in time? Or maybe the better question is, will you? After all, the future is coming sooner than you think.

Pet’s $0.02

This is a superhero story that plays to every cliché, taps every anti-hero trope and ramps them all up to max theatrics. Overly bad guys, twisted plots, hidden agendas, improbable weapons, unlikely heroes and monologuing reigns. And I could not get enough. It’s like Black Mirror and Mystery Men bred and it is spectacular. But you’ll also need to set aside reality and be a fan of the odd to really immerse yourself in the weird and enjoy.

Zoey is such a fucking smart ass. I loved the sarcasm that just dripped off every conversation she had with her father’s minions. She is the epitome of someone who gives not one fuck about all the drama going on around her. She just wants to take her cat, Stench Machine, go back home, and possibly not have anyone else come after her to kill her in some horribly gruesome and overly broadcasted way. But, she also knows that she’ll most likely be dead soon…

Andre raised an eyebrow. “So… What are you doing after the service?

She sighed and said, “decomposing.”

The narrator for the audiobook, Christy Romano, lends an impressive snarkiness to the reading of Zoey that made me want the book to last way longer than it did. It ended in a way that suggested there could be a second book in the series and if there is, I hope they have her narrate that one as well. It would be a crime to lose her voice as Zoey.