Butterfly (Public Enemy #1) by Cambria Hebert


Drunken brawls. One-night stands.
No-show interviews. Toilet-papering my hoity-toity neighbor’s house.
Insulting my fans. Trashing hotel rooms.
What’s it take to become public enemy number one?
I just told you.
I’ve done all that and more.
My poor conduct got me on the Celebs Behaving Badly list
and ultimately ruined my career.
From the world’s number-one popstar to world’s most hated.
That’s me. Ten Stark.
Go underground, they said. Stay out of the spotlight.
Most importantly, stay out of trouble.
Everyone loves a good comeback story.
For once, I listened.
I met someone who didn’t know my name,
my face, or the bad behavior that defined me.
She taught me I wasn’t who everyone thought I was—everyone including me.
Then someone whispered my name and things got messy, as they always do.
Now I want her back.
I’m not a caterpillar, but a butterfly.
My wings are in full color, not just black and white.
But first, I have to shed my cocoon and fly.

Pet’s $0.02

If you’re a fan of the #Hashtag series, you’re going to be thrilled that Cambria Hebert has returned to the world of NA with the Public Enemy series. This series combines all the challenges of navigating your way through college with the complex phenomenon of being a celebrity.

You thought Roman and Rimmel lived their lives in a fishbowl? This almost makes what they went through seem like child’s play.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like Ten. He’s treated his fans awfully and has become really jaded through his time spent in the music business. He was kind of an ass at his lowest point. But, I really did end up liking him.  I found I could forgive him for losing his way when you take into account his age, his stardom, and all the stress he was under daily. I had a little harder time reconciling the dropping of his cousin Nate when he became famous, but he does a good job of making amends and reconnecting with him. In fact their scenes together were some of my favorite of the book. I was even able to get past how he handled his relationship with Violet by trying to protect a little bit of something good from the public eye. But, you know that stuff never stays hidden. You know it always causes problems, hurt, and feelings of betrayal when it’s discovered. I didn’t care. I loved it all.

Violet was a great match for Ten. I liked that she didn’t take anything in her life for granted and handled her illness with grace. She was almost the complete opposite of Ten in how she handled hardship. Who better to show him different ways to handle the curves life throws at you. I also loved that she was a cartoon artist. Something unconventional and cool and not at all what you think of when you hear someone called an artist. She was a beautiful person, both inside and out, that I wanted to learn more about. Ten didn’t have a chance of resisting her.

I would love to see a connection of the #Hashtag and Public Enemy series. I think they would have to travel in some of the same crowds, right?