Thrive (Guardian Protection #2) by Aly Martinez

When I was nineteen years old, I was faced with a choice that changed my life.
Keep the safety of what I already knew or risk losing everything with the young, hotheaded soldier who stole my heart.

I chose the wrong man, and for seventeen years, I paid in tears, blood, and shattered dreams for that decision.

Now, there’s a man in my house, holding a gun to my head on the order of my ex-husband—given from his prison cell.

That hotheaded soldier I was too afraid to choose? He’s now a six-foot-three wall of muscle who works at the country’s most premier bodyguard agency. I’ve always wanted him, but now, I’ve never needed him more.

It’s the call I’m terrified to make.
I’m sure he still hates me… Even though I’ve never stopped loving him.

Pet’s $0.02

I’m probably going to be in the minority there, but I am not a real big fan of Thrive, particularly Mira. Jeremy I was on the fence about. I had a hard time getting past the fact that they were both cheaters… And, let’s not get too bent out of shape, you find that out within the first few chapters… and cheating tends to turn me off a story pretty quickly.

In my opinion, Mira didn’t have any right to be mad or hurt about the way Jeremy treated her when she unexpectedly shows back up in his life. Nor, does she have any right to be jealous that he has children with a wife he married after Mira spectacularly and definitively dumped him. She chose Kurt, she chose to cheat with Jeremy while still with Kurt. Honestly, I got tired of the complaining about how Kurt treated her when she knew what he was like from the beginning, and chose him anyway. At the end, I still don’t get why she chose Kurt over Jeremy. But, what is clear is the woman makes shitty life decisions.

Jeremy was a bitter man when it comes to Mira. But, I’m not sure why he feels like he’s justified in being bitter when he knew what Mira was like and she had proven over and over that he was not who she was going to chose. Mira goes on and on about how Jeremy has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, and even though he kind of does, it’s nothing like Mira’s back and forth so I’m giving him a pass on emotions that are all over the board. And, while I also have issues with some of the choices he made, both in the past and present, I eventually warmed to him since he was a stand-up guy in every other facet of his life that had nothing to do with Mira.

So, while I can’t glowingly gush about this book, it still has parts that I liked and it’s an important piece of the Guardian Protection family history, so I can’t just discount it. Ultimately, I’m still a fan of Martinez and the series and will look forward to Braden and Whitney’s story.