Lifeline by Gretchen Tubbs


What do you do when your grandmother’s dying wish is for you to come home and restore her old farmhouse?
You come home.

Vivienne Westbrook left Bellemere after graduation, heartbroken, alone, determined to make a new life for herself in New York.
She also vowed never to return. But the sudden death of her beloved Lulu has her back in the small Louisiana town, face to face with the reason she left in the first place.

Oliver Bishop is not the same seventeen-year-old that broke Vivi’s heart. His years with the SEALs wiped away any traces of that boy. He’s hardened. Scarred. Changed. He wants her back, even though it has disaster written all over it.

Bellemere has changed, too. The once sleepy, boring town is now in the spotlight, a depraved man’s playground. Women are being murdered, throwing the town into a tailspin.

Oliver and Vivienne are wrong for each other, but with the small town in crisis, it couldn’t feel more right.

ellie's $0.02:

This was my first Gretchen Tubbs read and I liked it.

For some reason, that seemed like it was a good quote in my head, but I don't think it actually sounded right.  My failure there.  I did truly enjoy this book though.

The characters.  The characters.  The characters. 

I was so engrossed in Viv and Ollie I actually kinda forgot about the murders and mystery going on.  Which is okay.  While Viv had to return to her hometown for Grandma's death (she wasn't part of the murders).

Viv was a cut-throat businesswoman and a selfish bitch in the beginning.  I think readers weren't supposed to like her at the start and are supposed to learn to love her or her growth throughout the book.  I kind of idolized her.  I thrive to be her.  The bitch in the beginning.

And Ollie.  Yeah, total dick in the beginning and then we learn to love him too.

While in actuality all of the previous heartbreak made these two callous and just assholes to each other.  As with every other great love story, a little communication to fix the miscommunication from years ago and BOOM they are repaired.  I loved them in all of their phases and their growth... and obviously the repair of their relationship.

Oh and solving the murders.

But can we just talk about Ollie more?

For me. This was all about the characters.  Viv and Ollie were solid wins for me.