Kill City Blues (Sandman Slim #5) by Richard Kadrey


James Stark, aka Sandman Slim, has managed to get out of Hell, renounce his title as the new Lucifer, and settle back into life in LA. But he's not out of trouble yet. Somewhere along the way he misplaced the Qomrama Om Ya, a weapon from the banished older gods who are also searching for their lost power.

The hunt leads Stark to an abandoned shopping mall-a multi-story copy of LA-infested with Lurkers and wretched bottomfeeding Sub Rosa families, squatters who have formed tight tribes to guard their tiny patches of this fake LA. Somewhere in the kill zone of the former mall is a dead man with the answers Stark needs. All Stark has to do is find the dead man, get back out alive, and outrun some angry old gods-and a few killers-on his tail.

Pet’s $0.02

I forgot how much I LOVE Mr. Stark! Jimmy is just one of those guys you want to hang out with because he gets into more shit in a short amount of time than should be possible. It’s almost an unintentional skill.

I like his style. He doesn’t give one actual fuck who he pisses off, and some of them are gods. He only really cares about two people. Candy, his girlfriend, and himself. Not necessarily in that order. Even his best friend, Kasabian, I don’t think really likes him all that much. But, he’s got access to Lucifer’s gratis hotel suite so he’s going to ride that pony all the way to the end. Or at least until they get evicted. I’m not even going to hint at what you have to do to get kicked out of Lucifer’s suite. Let’s just say it was pretty unforgiveable.

I’m always left guessing what’s going to happen until the very end with Sandman. Even when you think there is no possible way that he can get out of the shit-storm he’s created for himself, he finds a loophole you never see coming. Hell, I never thought he’d be able to slip the chain of his role as the new Lucifer. Yet, he did. And it’s usually by accident. He’s one of the most careless anti-hero’s you’ll ever read.

But, I would expect nothing less from him. He was born an abomination as a Nephilim. Half angel, half devil, all badass with a total disregard for authority. That kind of childhood shit stays with you.

If you haven’t read Sandman Slim and you like worlds that are similar to ours but are completely fucking different at the same time, give these books a try. There is so much detail put into the world that Kadrey creates and that Jimmy lives in. Just keep in mind that nothing can be taken for granted, everyone has an agenda, no one is safe, and you can never predict what Jimmy is going to do. I am obsessed with Jimmy. He’s a refreshing break from reality with a nice dose of anarchy thrown in to spice things up.

But, do yourself a favor and start with the first book Sandman Slim, you’ll enjoy the journey.

Everyone deserves to meet Jimmy from the beginning.