A Twisted Love Story by Ace Gray


Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Boy marries girl. And they both live happily ever after. Right?

Not quite.

I fell for the boy. So slowly I barely noticed, then all at once. I loved my best friend with my entire heart, letting him fill up the holes my family had dug. But boys don’t fall for other boys. Just ask him. 

So my story turned into boy meets boy. Boy falls for boy. Boy gets rejected. Boy meets girl. Boy meets boy. Boy loses them over and over and over again. 

Pretty twisted, right?

My life story was really just a screwed up love story. A search for the one person that understood the darkness inside me. The monster I’d become. But sometimes the holes are too deep and far too bloody, for anyone—boy or girl—to fill.


ellie's $0.02:

I actually can't decide if this is dark and twisted or if it's beautiful and romantic.

Regardless.  There is SO much to this story.  It's completely different, but also the same, as Cole's first two books.  This digs into what is Horse.  And Horse makes complete sense in his book.  

You could read this as a standalone.  But you will miss a lot of Cole's POV and will also miss why we question and need to know Horse's story.  Horse's story is different.  It is beautiful and romantic in Horse's way.  And to be in his mind, and his feelings.  It's a whole new ball game.

It was dark at times.  It was violent at times.  It was twisted at times.  It was super fucked up at times.  It's poignant, disturbing, and beautiful.  It looks beyond murderers, drugs, and violence and shows a human being a human.

But by the end, it all made sense.  Horse made sense.

I've read all of Ace Gray's books and this one is the highest, most stunning quality I've seen out of her.

Don't get me wrong and the beauty of this... the beauty is only seen with open eyes and an open mind.  Do NOT pick up this book if you are a prude in any way (that is not an insult), this book gets nitty-gritty and ugly and sex... holy shit, lots and lots and lots of sex (i.e., "fucking") - primarily M/M.  But if you're game for some dark ugliness that turns into a true love story... giddy-up.  

This is the deepest, darkest, purest, most well-written book I’ve seen this year.  Ace has my full-hearted, hefty five-star rating on this. 

Devil's in the Ace.  

(P.S.  Check out that song by the Gasoline Lollipops)

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