Love N. Books Announcement

I've spent days and days trying to figure out what to say in an announcement or a post.  I write, then delete, then edit, then delete.  I don't do announcements.  I just do what I want and move on assuming no one is paying any attention.

I think most of who are paying attention are just watching and waiting for me to fail.  Don't worry.  It happens on the daily.  My failures.  

Back to topic. 

I've been spending months trying to organize the different streets and departments and portions and categories and pockets of what Love N. Books does.  LNB has grown since establishing an LLC in 2011.  I have one hand stroking, one massaging, my brain going in circles, my hips thrusting, my butt twerking, and something is doing the Macarena.

It was time to get this shit in line.  Ducks in a row and squirrels to stop raving.

In February 2018, The Shot has been established as a corporation.  Under The Shot we are encompassing all of the nooks and crannies of everything that LNB did and does and are starting.

Love N. Books remains.  Hopefully it remains for a while.  It's my baby.  Love N. Books is in charge of the blog, the reviews, the signings.  The LoveNWhatTheFuckEvers.  Fuck, I still have to get those shirts up for sale you all have been wanting on... adding that to my list.  Anyway.  LNB remains.  You will see nothing different.  The LNB staff of Petra, Kristie, Deenie, and Hill all still rocking with their cocks out.  Like roosters.

Gray Ink is new, but not really.  Gray is the editing services portion.  The formatting.  The design. The cover images.  The "befores" of a book being published.  Over 30 years of experience will be on staff to meet all of the needs for indie and traditionally published authors. Our philosophy on editing is to let your voice be heard, your style to shine, your story to be told... we just pretty up your errors.  Changes will be invisible with ellie leading the helm as Executive Editor. 

It is change.  But not really.   A rebrand.   A new name.  Those of you that don’t like change and want your same editor, you still have that.

I can't release the other names of the branches and their focuses quite yet.  

But wanted to let anyone paying attention that we are changing.  We are growing.  We are expanding.  Any business does. 

And we will keep anyone that cares posted as we roll things out. Like cookie dough.  Mmmm... damn a sugar cookie with frosting sounds amazing right now.


Feel free to send cookies or contact me with any questions or concerns.





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