We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels


I’m not a one-night stand kind of woman. I’m especially not the woman who has a few drinks at a concert and ends up in bed with my childhood celebrity crush, Eli Walsh.

However, that’s exactly where I find myself.

What’s a girl to do after a drunken mistake? Run. I grab my clothes and get away from the powerful, irresistible, and best-sex-of-my-life superstar as fast as I can. His gorgeous green eyes, rock-hard body, and cocky smile have no place in my world. My life is complicated enough.

Someone forgot to tell him that.

Eli is relentless. Pushing his way into my heart, wearing me down, proving he’s nothing like I assumed, and everything I need. But when my world shatters to pieces, he holds the broken bits together. Unwillingly, I fall desperately in love with him.

He made me think we’d have forever . . . I should’ve listened when he said we could only own tonight.

Pet’s $0.02

This is what happens when you cave to peer pressure and let your best friends talk you into shit. I think we’ve all day dreamed about getting our hands on a celebrity crush. I like to think I’d be extra cool, ask meaningful questions and make an impression. But, I think I’d most likely do what Heather did and absolutely freak out and not be able to speak.

I loved how down to earth Eli was with Heather. I don’t think he expected her to fawn all over him, but I don’t think he ever expected her to try to sneak out on him either. Her attempt to scale the fence to get away at the concert is probably one of my favorite scenes in this book. But, Eli went out of his way to convince Heather that he didn’t just think of her as a booty call and I loved the way he connected with her sister. His personal life showed he wasn’t just a pretty face in an aging boy band. Too bad he was keeping secrets from Heather that were a complete shock, but they played into the story well.

As for Heather… her ex-husband was an absolute ass. I didn’t like him at all and I could not even imagine working with an ex like she had to. She had a huge amount of stress in her life with her sister’s illness and instead of standing by her he got pissy that he didn’t come first in her life. Good riddance, she was better off without him. Her sister’s illness wasn’t something that she could just ignore. It plays a huge part in the story and I’m glad that it wasn’t just glossed over. It let us see how dedicated Heather was to the people she loved. I can understand, why after she finds out what Eli is hiding, she might need a hot minute to figure out how she felt about it.

Eli and Heather just fit together so well. Their conversations were interesting, Heather wasn’t overly fawning although she was a little understandably angsty, Eli wasn’t arrogant and it was obvious he put Heather and her sister first because it mattered to her. Eli’s was devoted to his family was they were both funny and real, while Heather’s friends added some comic relief as well as some good advice.

Having read the book and listened to it on audiobook, I have to say I think I preferred the audiobook. The narrator did a fantastic job of capturing the different personalities of all the characters.  

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