Sweet Little Lies (The Sweetest Thing #5) by Sierra Hill


Some lies are meant to deceive. Others to protect.
My lies have done nothing but harm. They push people away. Even the people that I want to hold onto for dear life. Mica Reyes is too beautiful and pure for my tarnished soul, although I want her with a fierceness of a caged lion.
They say letting go of your grief and your sins will unburden you and set you free. But it's her I need to set free from the pain I’ll cause from loving her too much.

My Abuelita always said I should never give my heart away unless I knew it would be in capable hands. To give it to a man who would love and cherish me and put me first above all others.
But my heart didn't listen. I fell for Lance Britton, the college basketball player who uses humor to outwardly disguise the emotional turmoil that lives inside him. To hide his painful secrets.
But I know him. And although I hate ultimatums, I may need to give him one before the lies between us grow any deeper. Letting go may be the only way to reach him.

Pet’s $0.02

This was actually my favorite book of the entire series.

I did not see good things happening for Lance. The man has some serious family issues and is not coping with them in the healthiest of ways. And since Mica has been raised a good Catholic girl, I just didn’t see this ever working out in their favor.

Lance was the guy that everyone knew very little about. They didn’t even know his mother had died a year ago, which I would think would be a pretty big deal. However, they did all see him get falling down, blackout drunk on a number of occasions, and even if it is college, that’s not cool when it’s every weekend. But, he did commit to Mica once they started going out. I really expected him to continue to flirt and sleep with other women, since he didn’t seem to have very high standards for himself. It was a nice surprise that he seemed to clean up his act pretty quickly once they were together. At least relationship wise, because he still partied like an animal.

Mica was more of a contradiction for me. She came from a background of being a family oriented good girl, who never went against her families wishes. Even going to college was a struggle to get her family’s approval for. So, that she went so far outside what she knew her family would accept seemed like a stretch, but Hill handled it well and it didn’t come off as something completely off. And, even though Lance ended up having a much tougher road to go, she came across as the one with more backbone. She stood up for herself and her beliefs, and I have to appreciate that.

I won’t deny that this series had some things that were irritants for me. I could go for a long while without hearing the bro-speak that is prevalent in these books again. But, this book rarely fell into the bro-speak, which may be due to very little interaction with the other players in this book, and I thought that it gave the book a more mature feel. I thought this might be the last book in this series, but it sounds like there could be a few more, so I’ll look forward to seeing what she does with the rest of the series.