Break the Ice (Bedroom Games) by Piper Rayne


The Winter Games are over, but the bedroom games are just beginning…

This is about the time I normally hang up my snowboard and chill for a while. Except this year. This year, I’m dealing with what fate dealt me at the Winter Games—nope, not gold. A broken arm.

Since I’m not close to my family, I head to my best friend, Skylar’s pad to recoup. Turns out having your gorgeous, single, sexy friend wait on you hand and foot can blur the lines between friendship and romance.

Which is exactly why I’ve decided to help her find a boyfriend.

Yeah, you heard me right. I’m going to help her comb through every dating app available until she finds the perfect man. What else could remind me of my place in her life more than watching her fall for someone else?

I can deal. I’m used to pushing through pain. I’m an Olympian after all.

**This book can be read as a standalone.**

ellie's $0.02:

Today brings the conclusion of the Winter Olympics and the release of the conclusion in the Bedroom Games trilogy.

One of my favorite sports romance series ever written.  

The Olympics are over and thus the wrap up of the trilogy with Beckett and Skylar's story.

If I have to pick favorites... or say... a gold, silver, and bronze of the trilogy.  Their story is the bronze.  WHAT?  That sounds bad, huh.  Bronze is still the third best of the best of the best.  I sound like Skylar and Beckett with my reasoning.  That was unintentional.

Why is it my bronze.  I love Sky and Beck.  I truly do.  But this one is actually post competition.  What happens after you return to American soil and you're taking a break from training.  The high of competition is over, the orgy at the village is gone, the slopes aren't readily available.  I.e., what all the Olympic athletes are doing this week.

That makes me sad.   That's why it's bronze.  I'm sad it's over.  These two characters are still BFF's, but you guessed it, they cross the line after the games and this is that story.  It's still a bronze for me as I just found Skylar and Beckett a little too blind and a little too grounded for my liking.  Personal preference.  Not a ding to the story, I just prefer the other couples more.  My personal connection to these two just lacked.  It's me.  Not them.

Appearances are made by Grady, Mia, Dax, and Demi.  Humor is still prominent.  Sex is still in the pages.  The Piper Rayne style is all there and I still totally dig all of it.

They will ALWAYS remain on my TBR list and the series is still my top fave in the sports romance.


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