Sky's the Limit (Doomsday Preppers #1) by Elle Aycart


Tired of waiting for her big break in the fashion industry, Sky Gonzalez, eternal part-time student and overworked retail drone, quits her job, sublets her New York apartment, and embarks on a semester abroad study program in Paris. Paris! Time to throw caution to the winds and jump-start her dreams. What’s the worst that could happen?

How about getting sent to the wrong Paris? As in Paris-frigging-Minnesota?

Bye-bye career dreams. Bye-bye glamour and haute couture. Hello flannel shirts, mind-numbing cold, zero bars on the cell phone, and socially challenged mountain men with tons of unruly facial hair.

So yeah, let the truck barreling her way hit her, please. Less painful.

Logan should have dodged the little lost waif and kept on driving. Who in their right mind walked in the middle of the road, dressed in white from head to high heels, during a snowstorm? Clueless city girls, that's who. Sky is all that Logan has gladly left behind: stylish, cosmopolitan, and a massive pain in the butt. He wouldn’t trade a single day in his quirky little corner of the woods for all the high-maintenance beauties the city can offer.

Too bad this beauty has been deemed a health hazard and quarantined in his house. Damn his doomsday-prepper neighbors and their paranoid emergency protocols. Now he has to keep Sky in and the pandemic squad out until the roads are clear. The question is, will that happen before or after Sky realizes she's under house arrest?

Ah, the best-laid plans...

Pet’s $0.02

Oh fuck! I’ve found where I want to retire. NoName, Minnesota! It sounds perfect! And I already have a bug out bag…I’m set.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I can tell you that I had to stop, repeatedly, to catch Roy up on what I was reading. It was too good not to share!

I have so many favorite parts I can’t even name them all, but the pandemic squad, the bug out bags and surprise drills, Patient Zero and Arnie are at the top.

I was sure that Sky wasn’t that bright in the first few pages. But, I was also laughing my ass off by page three so that shows how rash judgments are often wrong. Sky is one of those people who everyone just likes. I thought she was incredibly high maintenance, but had to learn, just like Logan did, that the polished façade was just that… a mask that she used to help her get through life. What she showed Logan was someone who was funny, someone who went out of her way to make others feel good about themselves and who was a creative genius to boot. And her dog Arnie just sealed it for me. Sky is the best female character I have read in ages.

At first, Logan’s personality was hard to read. He came across as kind of closed off, not arrogant but he definitely has a lot of stuff to do and he doesn’t have time to spend as nursemaid. He’s not cold but he’s definitely not all warm hugs, though he does take really good care of her. Once Sky begins to work her magic on him you begin to see that he’s just as much fun as Sky, he just needed someone semi-sane to share his thoughts with. But, rash judgments aren’t a friend of his either. His willingness to jump to the worst conclusion ever of course throws a wrench into their relationship but I loved the way he went about apologizing and the way the town stepped in find out how he’d fucked up and to “help” him win her back had me laughing out loud again.

I’m counting on Elle to put out some more Doomsday Prepper books because I don’t even need to know what they’re about, I’m buying every single one. If you haven’t read Elle Aycart yet, you need to get on it and this one is a great place to start.

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