Forbidden Lyrics (Lightning Strikes #3) by Jodie Larson


Falling in love with your best friend's little sister is never a good idea. Getting caught kissing her, that's even worse.

I watched Lizzie Donovan grow up - from pigtails and scraped knees to pouty lips and lush curves.

It wasn't until one night nine years ago in the front seat of her car, with her lips on mine, that I realized what I was feeling was far more than friendship.

Of course, I felt her brother's wicked left hook shortly after.

One promise was all it took to push her away.

Not anymore.

This is my chance.

I have three months to convince her that she's the song in my heart and we're more than just forbidden lyrics.

ellie's $0.02:

I first must disclose that jerk-face Myles is still my favorite.  But this in no way changes Jodie's ability to write Brecken's story.  *whispers, but Myles for the win*

Although Myles was in this one and still a jerk-face.  Kinda.  My life isn't complete until Myles inserts his douchebagness.  I still love him.

ANYWAY.  About Breck and Lizzie.  They are just generally the nice, the sweet, and the good.  Not in a goodie-goodie way - I mean they definitely still fuck (make love), but neither character creates waves or drama with each other or their friends or themselves.  They are the steady, level, reliable peeps.  But you can guess who causes drama for them.

Jodie Larson does.  


I meant Myles does.

But Jodie does bring a wonderfully told rocker book once again.  Her writing style did not fail to bring me back into these characters' lives with gusto.  Rest assured you can read this as a standalone, but the books all link together at times.  For example, Myles makes more sense if you've read his book, but he won't make or break this one for you.

This one is high on the entertainment scale, low on the angst scale.  Brecken and Lizzie are dynamic, smart, sexy and fun.

You'd think I have a Myles obsession or something.

I have a Jodie obsession.

(Did you know that Jodie Larson shows up to signings in her pajamas???  I have picture evidence.)


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