Up in Smoke (King #8) by T.M. Frazier


A King Series Novel.

I’m a man without a conscience. 
I deal in murder and mayhem.
I’m the best at what I do. 
Frankie Helburn is supposed to be an easy job. 
A means to flush her father out of hiding.
Except there isn’t anything simple about Frankie or the secrets she’s keeping. 
She’s stubborn as hell and the sexiest god damn thing I have ever seen, sending dark, dirty animalistic desire coursing through my veins. 
She’s cocaine with legs. A f*cking addiction that makes me question things I’ve never questioned before. Want things I’ve never wanted before. 
I might have her, but she isn’t mine to keep. 
If her father doesn’t show his face, she will be mine. 

ellie's $0.02:

I am quite literally up in smoke after reading this. 

I had forgotten the twisted mind and how fucked up Frazier can make me feel... but was oh-so-quickly reminded starting in on Up in Smoke.

The biggest question I had was how was I going to be convinced to like Smoke.  I won’t tell you how.

I recently posted about the theme, the environment, the ambiance of a book.  This is a perfect example.  I felt like I was in the book with Smoke and Frankie.  Every scene I felt pulled in and present for.  Almost accounted for too.

Smoke is as fucked up as ever.  He should be hard for me to connect with.  He’s a murderer and I am not.  But somehow Frazier flipped the switches in my brain, tickled them a little while she was in there.  

Regardless if I hadn’t been able to get past not liking Smoke (I totally did), the story itself won me over.  The writing and imagination flow coming from Frazier is enough to win me over no matter what.  The plot twists are always there and it always feels like Frazier is gripping me around the throat.

While this is not a beautiful, traditional, and glorified romance, it is love in the King series and will not disappoint.

And yes, special appearances of Rage, Preppy, King, and Bear! 


Please excuse any typos and errors in this review.  I am typing it in the car on my phone.  That is a win win to cause typos.  

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