Forget Me Not (The Unforgettable Duet #1) by Brooke Blaine


Three sugars, two creamers. 
That’s how you took your coffee every morning at Joe’s Grab ’N Go.
But you don’t remember that. 
You don’t remember anything. 
Anything, that is, except me…
That day…
And the tragedy that catapulted us together.


DD’s $0.02


This is such a sweet story. Ollie’s crush on Reid is adorable. But if you know Brooke Blaine, then you know there will be a twist. She seems to take enjoyment from the tears of her readers. And for this, I am a fan.


There is a tragedy. I am not spoiling anything. Brooke herself speaks of it in her extremely vague blurb. But it is the tragedy I want to discuss. This scene blew my mind. She was able to capture the moment flawlessly. I felt I was in the moment with Ollie, feeling his anxiety and fear. It had me on edge and held me there. It was absolute perfection.


What shocked me was Reid. I loved his character. I mean, Ollie is adorable, but Reid’s acceptance of what happened to him is handled with such ease and grace. His newly found friendship with Ollie was sweet, yet his honesty of what he wanted was bold. Reid threw me for a loop and I need to know more.


So, I am reading along and WHAM! Brooke hits me with her twist. It was brutal, but since I am a bit of a masochist, I loved it. A writer that can get me wanting to throw my Kindle, earns huge points from me.


Now, Forget Me Not does end in a cliffhanger. So, if you are not a fan of cliffhangers, then you may want to wait to read Forget Me Not until Remember Me When releases on February 26th. If you’re like me and love a good cliffy, then Forget Me Not is definitely for you.


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