Maples, Strawberries, and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) by Haley Jenner


Darci's flushing pink, &
Willow's feeling blue. 
Frankie's a little, ah, frustrated, &
Archer's not amused. 
Aubrey's kissing it better, &
Toby's breaking through. 
Bennett's feeling emotional, &
Archer's less than enthused. 
Luca's second-guessing, &
Jake's irresolute. 
Annabelle's a sobbing mess, &
Archer's now confused. 
The whole gang is together,
it's Valentine's Day &
what's more romantic than our favorite
Maples, Strawberries & Fairy Tales?!

ellie's $0.02:

The gang is all together for Valentine's Day.  Like just hanging out together, not like an orgy.  They are close, but not THAT close. Although, one character gets more than an eyeful of too many friends' body parts.

This is a quick, steamy, and hilarious novella from the boys' POV.  All the boys.  You finally get to hear some from Luca and Toby.  

I promise this one is so worth buying for a quick sexy read to get you in the mood for Valentine's. Or just to get you in the mood.  *nudge nudge wink wink*

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