Missing Pieces: A White Creek Novel (The White Creek Series Book 1) by Tori Fox



At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Divorced at 26 and driving to Florida to move back in with my parents.

Until my car breaks down in Smalltown USA.

Not the place meant for a city girl.

Until I meet the cocky asshole that is fixing my car.

I should probably stay away but the pull is too strong.

He was just meant to fix my car but I think he might fix my heart.

ellie’s $0.02:

Debut novel by new author Tori Fox. I’ll skip the synopsis and hit straight to review, cuz it’s my two cents.

What we get is a cute, romantic and defo enjoyable read. I loved the premise of the plot and the characters. The parents were a mixed bag, but their fuzziness in my brain over them were made up for me in the hero and heroine. I loved the “cocky asshole” hero and the chemistry that developed there. But, I’m also always all about assholes.

Pretty low on the angst scale and pretty high on the ‘easy and just a sit back and enjoy read’ scale. You aren’t going to break brain cells on this (that isn’t meant in a bad way) and your emotions are not going to be shredded to oblivion. Again… enjoyable is the key word on this book.

Do I think there is more to come from Tori Fox? For sure. This was a strong start and I would definitely be on board for more.

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