Blackbird by Lisa Shelby


I knew his job in the military could call him away at any time, but I never expected he would leave without saying goodbye or that he would take a piece of me with him. 

He said he would always find his way back to me. 

It’s been two years. 

I’m still waiting for him. 

My memories from our two weeks in paradise are as vivid as they were when we created them. The tattoo on my wrist a constant reminder. 

Today, when I open the door to the waiting room at the clinic and see him sitting there, I feel the pieces of my world coming together. 

He’s finally here. He found his way back to me. But if that’s the case why does he look like I’m the last person in the world he wants to see? 

He said I was his home. His true North. So, why is he running away? 

ellie’s $0.02:

Ah. My first Shelby read and I can’t say that I’m disappointed. Well I guess I COULD say I was, but that would be lying. And a little mean, don’t you think?


First of all. If you’re looking for a slow burn, a slow simmer. PSYCH. This isn’t it. This is insta-love. So those of you looking for a solid insta-love with a wonderful twist, look no further. Actually you don’t even have to read any more of this review either.

Super happy with the words Shelby put on paper, the plot she was able to shell out, and the broody hero and his twist of fate.

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