Mister Bodyguard (Morgan Brothers #4) by Lauren Rowe


A bodyguard, a beauty, and a bet.

“I’m hiring you to do more than guard her, Zander,” my new boss explained. “You’re gonna be her rock. Her human Valium. Her trusted friend. And she’s gonna be your mission from God.”
“So I’m her babysitter?”
“Her babysitter, her bodyguard, her f*cking service doggie. Whatever she needs or wants, that’s what you’ll be. Anything except her booty call.” The vein in my new boss’s neck bulged. “Touch her and I’ll do more than fire your ass, Zander. I’ll rip off your balls.”

My buddies laughed when I told them about my ridiculous new job. They said, “Three months on a tour with a world famous beauty, glued to her hip, catering to her every whim? A hundred bucks says you’re gonna break down and bang her within the first month.”
But I said nope. No way. Never. “I’m a professional,” I said. “Plus, she’s not even my type. And I’m just getting over a broken heart. It’s never gonna happen.”
So I put my money where my mouth was, figuring I’d laugh all the way to the bank. I never thought I’d actually fall in love with the girl. Or that she’d become my reason for breathing.

The job, the bet, the girl. It was nothing but fun and games . . . until it became dead serious.

Pet’s $0.02

I so wanted to love this story. Zander has always been tied with Keane for my favorite Morgan. The interaction between Zander and his Wifey (Keane) is what makes this series.  But, I just couldn’t get to love for the story. 

Aloha was kind of a spoiled little snot and it took a long time for me to warm up to her. Zander is such a sweetheart, and I hated that she treated him as a boy toy from the word go. She was just too self-absorbed for me to really connect with her or excuse her actions. At the beginning, Aloha seemed like a perfect match for Zander, with her Keane-ish personality, but she lost a lot of that humor and playfulness by the end of the book. She was much more likeable when she interacted with Zander as Shaggy Swagger, which is what drew him to her in the first place.

The Morgan family interactions were there, and I get that it was Zander’s story and not the Morgan’s, but Zander is a Morgan and I really wanted more. Honestly, my favorite parts were the conversations and texts between the Morgan's and Zander.

Zander is a Morgan, so I knew I was going to like it, but I just felt like Zander deserved so much more.

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