Collateral (Desert Eagles MC #1) by Alexandra Ayers


In the battle of love and loyalty, only one can win.

As Vice President of The Desert Eagles motorcycle club, Derek Pearce is ordered to do business with the ruthless organizer of a dog-fighting ring. But Derek faces another challenge: ten years after turning down his marriage proposal, his childhood love, Brielle Andrews, returns home to Las Vegas. Brielle has devoted her life to healing and saving animals from harm, including, of course, dogs used for fighting.

Derek reconnects with Brielle after rescuing a dog severely injured in a fight and rushing it to the nearest animal hospital, where he finds Brielle as the lead veterinarian. Sparks fly, but turn acrid when she becomes suspicious about how the dog was hurt. Derek can’t risk telling her the truth for fear of exposing the club to an investigation. Out of options, Brielle enlists her father, a federal judge, for help.

When new clues about The Desert Eagles MC come to light, will Brielle’s loyalty to her father and insistence on unearthing the truth about the fighting ring threaten her newly rekindled romance with Derek? Will Derek do whatever is necessary to save their love—and their lives—even if it means exposing the club?


K3’s $0.02

I am always intrigued when it comes to MC stories and Collateral sucked me in.

Brielle and Derek come from two different worlds but the heart wants what it wants. Although they were young and so in love, Brielle left for college and Derek continued on his path with his club.

Derek never got over Brielle but her leaving. It left him cold, bitter and crushed. He hasn’t had a serious relationship since. Yes, he has his go to women but that is all they are good for. A warm body for a few hours. As the VP of the club he doesn’t have time for relationship B.S. His current problem is dealing with a douche bag who operates a dog fighting ring. What can possibly go wrong?

Brielle is making her dreams come true. She has worked hard to become a vet and she is working harder to have her own practice. She has made it this far on her own. Her father wanted her to become a lawyer, taking care of animals was not the future he wanted for her but regardless, she made it happen. Her only regret was leaving her true love behind. Now she is back in Vegas and wants to right her wrong. All it took was an injured dog and a hot biker that cared enough to bring it to the vet.

I am not going to lie, I wasn’t a huge fan of Derek when it came to his interactions with Brielle. I get he was heartbroken at what she did but they were also teenagers. We all know teenagers are not the brightest and haven’t experienced life enough to really know better. 

Hard on the outside and a softie on the inside. He kinda melted my heart when he took the injured dog. He uses women for one thing and he is good with that. 

I adored Brielle and all she had to overcome. I loved that she found the backbone to stand up to her father. I hated how easily she forgave Derek for the things he did and said to her, especially when she walks in on him during a particular scene. I felt she was almost too forgiving and I wished she made him work harder for her affection.

All in all I really enjoyed the story and the characters. It was an easy read. A fun debut for Alexandra Ayers.