Bad Boy: The Beginning (Wounded Warrior Bad Boys #1) by Eddie Cleveland


Bad Boys aren't born, they're MADE. 


They call us high school sweethearts. More like high school soulmates. 
Mack is my past, my present and my future. 
Every girl in our school has dreamed of him, and he's all mine. 
That is, until he tells me something that breaks my heart. 
How can I have a soulmate when my spirit is shattered in two? 


Lauren is the love of my life. 
But now my heart is divided. 
I've spent my entire life just knowing she would be the one. 
However, I grew up in an instant, my heart hardened and would never be the same when I plucked it from the ashes of the twin towers. 
The day America lost it's innocence, I lost my brother. 
And I can't rest unless justice is served. 

** Bad Boy: The Beginning is approximately 10000 words and it is the prequel to the bestselling novel "American Bad Boy" **


K3’s $0.02

This is my first Eddie Cleveland read and it won’t be my last.

Taking it back to 2004

Most people find their soulmates later in life. For Lauren and Mack, they found it in high school. Like all young love, they make plans for their future. Going off to college together, getting a place to live, jobs, marriage and starting a family.

After an amazing prom night, Mack breaks the news to Lauren that he joined the military. He drops another bomb when he tells her he leaves for boot camp in three days.


Lauren understands why Mack is joining. 9/11 affected us all in one way or another. Mack is going it for his brother who was lost in those attacks. Being supportive, she is also devastated. Long distance relationships are tough but when you add being on active duty and getting sent off to dangerous countries is downright scary. It is also something she doesn’t think she can handle.  

They both leave destroyed and heartbroken. Their future uncertain.

Fast-forward to 2012

Mack is still fighting the war for his brother and his country until his unit is attacked. Once again, Mack is devastated and his last thought is of Lauren.

I loved the chemistry between Mack and Lauren and I hate they both suffered. I get and admire Mack’s choices.

Such a heartbreaking and emotional story. I can’t wait to see what happens next.