American Bad Boy Wounded Warrior Bad Boys Book 2


I lost my men. I lost my leg. I lost my career. And all I could think of was Lauren.
I left for West Point with two things: a broken heart and a promise to never let it happen again.
Now I'm back in Colorado as a war hero. F*ck that, I'm a celebrity.
And every woman wants to open her legs for Captain America.
So why do I only want her?


Even with one leg, Mack Forrester hasn't lost his swagger.
It's been a decade since he left. But under his tattoos, I still see the guy who broke my heart when he chose his country instead of me.
I told myself I was over it. 
Over him. 
One glimpse in his crystal blue eyes and I knew it was a lie.
Now he wants me back, but ten years is a long time. There's so much he doesn't know.
Like, that I had his child.

***American Bad Boy is a 60000 word novel. It's a beautiful second chance, interracial romance with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.***


K3’s $0.02

Picking up where Bad Boy leaves off. 

OMG. My heart just broke for Mack.

Adjusting to his new reality. He has become a war hero. The place he will be doing his PT happens to be the same place Lauren works.

As we all know, Mack and Lauren have that special connection, one that never goes away. They truly are soul mates. Sometimes life isn’t easy and finding a way back to each other isn’t as simple as one would think. 

Lauren has always loved Mack and when he left, she was devastated by managed to live her life. She was blessed with an amazing son and had a caring and loving husband. Since her loss, her son has been acting out. The last thing Lauren needs is to rekindle a love with a man her broke her, a man she never stopped loving. Her focus is on helping her son.

Mack refuses to make the same mistake twice. He is fighting to get Lauren back. To have not only her love but her son’s as well. 

Their story is paced just right. Their demons, their losses, their new found feelings are address with passion, fear and care.

A tough journey to happiness but one worth all the loss and pain.

I enjoyed every minute!


Such a great read from Mr. Cleveland