The Problem with Peace (Greenstone Security #3) by Anne Malcom


Everyone expects the fairy tale from me.
Because on the outside, I look like I live in a fantasy.
I'm a hopeless romantic.
I fall in and out of love. 
I change careers, zip codes and hair colors on a whim. 
I'm a free spirit without a care in the world. 
I'm the one that loves everyone and hates no one.

But I've got a secret...

I'm not a free spirit.
Not really.
I'm not free at all. 
My life is only designed to look chaotically peaceful.
I'm only designed to look like that.
Peace is lost to me.
Because I'm trying to escape something. 
Trying to escape him.
My life isn't a fairy tale.
It's time the world saw that. 

ellie’s $0.02:




That could literally be my whole review. Stunning. Beautiful. Captivating. Mind blowing. And… perfect.

Anne Malcom strummed me oh-so-gently and oh-so-roughly with this one. But hit all my right chords.

Not only is the story perfect and emotional, the style of Anne’s writing had me stuck in the book from the get-go. Her execution, her abuse on my mind, her ability to tie my insides into knots… seriously… my mind is still blown apart with the talent in Malcom’s little finger.

While the characters’ love may not have been “perfect,” the writing, the style, and this story is truly perfect.

Must read. Must read. Must read.

One of my top go-to authors from now on. Can’t say enough on this one. Enough good things…

Also, I should note. I am at peace and I had no problems with this book.

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