Test (Gentry Generations #3) by Cora Brent


People say Derek Gentry is arrogant, perpetually drunk and good for only one thing. They say he’s like a neon sign that reads: ‘I AM THE WORST IDEA YOU EVER HAD.’ 
And I’m not tempted, no matter how hot he is. 
I’ve heard the rumors. I know his story. 
But I’ve got my own scars. I don’t need his. 
Despite his muscled blue-eyed good looks, he’s definitely just heartbreak wrapped in a seductive package. 
However, I didn’t plan on falling into his arms on the worst night of my life. 
I didn’t plan on initiating a chain reaction of events that neither of us saw coming.
And I didn’t plan on needing him so much I can hardly stand it… 

Everyone has a history. 
Mine’s a little worse than most. 
I’ve hurt my family. I’ve hurt people I never really knew. I’ve hurt myself. 
And I’ve been hiding at the bottom of a bottle for so long I’m not sure how to do things differently. 
At first Paige didn’t seem like the type who would ever be able to handle a guy like me. Little did I know what kind of mysteries she’s been keeping inside. Now I can’t get her out of my head. 
We could help each other. 
Or we could destroy each other. 
Right now it’s anyone’s guess.

Pet’s $0.02

The Gentry’s are one messed up family.

They’re also loyal to a fault, forgiving of things you’d think could never be forgiven, and above all they’re survivors. They also tend to attract people who are survivors as their friends and lovers. Their stories pull you in and take you for a wild ride. And, I love how you visit with the whole family with every book in the series.

Books that have imperfect heroes are my favorite. No one is perfect and reading about perfect people can be exhausting. No one can live up to that. So, having Paige and Derek have so many obstacles stacked against them was like literary catnip. They’re not even external obstacles, some of them are self-inflicted, which seem to be the hardest ones to overcome.

I was sure that Paige and Derek’s story was going to be really depressing. I couldn’t see any way they could be good for each other. I didn’t think that they’d be able to make it work and the number of people who didn’t want them together was daunting. But, I’m not going to tell you whether they make it. That would suck all of the fun out of the experience.

It’s much more rewarding to work through all their problems with them.

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