Headlights, Dipsticks, & My Ex's Brother (Edie's Automotive Guide Volume 1) by Heather Novak


A full-length STANDALONE sex-positive romantic comedy!

Running an auto shop is hard; running an auto shop as a woman is harder; running an auto shop with your ex--who is about to become your STEP-FATHER--and his hot brother is just insane. (And then there's the chicken.)

Edie Becker is living her childhood dream of running her grandfather’s auto shop. She just didn’t count on having to share ownership of the company with two other people. Specifically, her ex-fiancé and his gorgeous older brother, Luke.

When Luke rolls into town for the first time in years, he has news that changes everything—he’s now the majority shareholder and he needs to sell the auto shop, and Edie’s house next door, as soon as he can. 

To make matters worse, Edie’s ex-fiancé has just proposed...to her mother. 

Edie’s determined to find a way to save her auto shop, to finally stand up to her heinous mother, and to not kiss Luke ever again...especially since he didn’t kiss her back. 

If Edie’s plans don’t work, she’ll be unemployed, homeless, and worse: heartbroken.

ellie’s $0.02:

Look up the definition of perfection. A picture of this book should show up.

Would read this book a million times over if I had the time. It has all the qualities I look for when I want to romp into romcom territory. Villains and humor. Cocks and roosters. A car shop. A hot guy. An excellent heroine. Humor. Hummer. Humor. Humor. Humor. Another douchebag. End of story.

You complete me.

Not sure if that is to Heather Novak or this book. But whatever.

Novak ventured out of her paranormal territory into…. this… and she NAILED it. So fucking nailed it.

This is my top romcom read of 2018.

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