The Princess, the Prick & the Priest (Confessions #4) by Ella Frank


Everyone said our love wouldn’t work.
That it was too hard, too complicated, too messy.
Oh how I enjoy proving everyone wrong.

My men are smart, sexy, sophisticated—
and most of all, crazy about me.
The only problem is trying to explain 
that to my big, opinionated Italian family.

But after all we’ve been through, we deserve a
happily ever after. And if there’s one
thing I know about my guys, they always 
manage to have a few surprises up their sleeves.

DD’s $0.02


This series has been an eye opener for me. When Ella announced she was writing it, I was super excited to get more of Priest. He was such a mystery when we met him in Ella’s Temptation Series. Never knowing what made him tick. Well, I got what I wanted and now know The Priest intimately. 


The series was always about Priest for me. Always. Color me surprised that I no longer feel the same. Because now, now I realize this entire series is about Robbie. That little shit stirrer from the Temptation Series. He drove me nuts always trying to come between Logan and Tate. How wrong I was about Mr. Bianchi.


 In my review of Confessions: Robbie I said that “Robbie embodies his nickname, The Princess. Head to toe, his personality shines as bright as the sun and he radiates light and warmth. It is no wonder he drew the eyes of the Prick and the Priest.” I believe this even more now. 


While Julien and Joel were happily married before Robbie came in to the picture, their relationship was missing something. It was Robbie. He has an uncanny ability to know what the other needs and provides it without question. Robbie is a nurturer and both Julien and Joel need that in their lives. Robbie is the gooey center to the Julien, Robbie, Joel cookie. 


In this instance, I am truly happy to say I was wrong. While Robbie is all sass and sparkle, he is also the heart and soul of this unique relationship.


I knew Robbie, Julien, and Joel were going to their HEA. But, with Ella that could mean anything. She loves to tease, so you never know what is coming. While I was not expecting the ending she gave them, it was parfait.

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