Evan's Encore: Meltdown: The Conclusion (Meltdown book 4) by RB Hilliard


Evan Walker is living the dream. As Meltdown’s new keyboardist, he has finally found where he belongs. Unfortunately, his wife doesn’t share the same dream. When the band decides to take a break, Evan goes home, only to discover his reality is not as it seems. Unthinkable secrets are revealed, flipping his world upside down. 

Quinn Kinley has lived a charmed life, but after suffering a terrible loss and her mother’s sudden move to Florida, she finds herself left with a bar to run and more house than she knows what to do with. She comes up with a plan: get a housemate. 

He’s a rock star. She’s a country girl. 

She’s looking for a housemate. He needs a place to live. 

Love isn’t a consideration... but sometimes love happens when you least expect it.

Pet’s $0.02

What a great way to end this series.

Evan was perfect as the damaged not-quite bad boy. I mean he has all the trappings to be one hell of a bad boy, but he’s just way to fucking nice to legitimately pull it off. Plus, he has Chaz as a best friend, who just makes him look better by comparison. No one can out-Chaz, Chaz. And even when he had every right to treat someone the way they were begging to be treated, he didn’t. Come on, Evan!

The shit his bitch wife, Mandy, put him through, gives all of us women a bad name. I wanted to tit punch her myself. And I don’t buy any of her bullshit about why she did the things she did. If anyone deserved a smack down from Evan, it was her.

In contrast, Quinn, is a goddess among women and was absolutely perfect for Evan. You know how most women are all about, “I can’t leave my life to follow a rock star, so it will never work?” Well, not Quinn. That girl was all about spending her life on the road with Evan. Finally, someone who didn’t pretend that her guy’s lifestyle wasn’t what we’d all choose if it meant we got to stay with the man we love.

But, I have to say Quinn needs some new friends. Alex-Ann has proven she has shit decision making skills. I am still scratching my head over why in the hell Quinn would ever take advice on men from her?

Now, please bring us more spin-off stories! I’m thinking you can start with Tut.