Craving Midnight by A.M Hargrove

She’s a starlet with secrets. He makes scandals go away. Together, they’ll make sparks fly…


I'm Harrison Kirkland, Hollywood’s fixer … the clean-up guy for their sordid messes.

When I'm hired to handle a situation for Midnight Drake, a rising dark-haired sultry actor, I figured it would be a simple in and out job.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The mess she got herself into was only the beginning.

Midnight has a web of secrets and mystery... and she's not giving them up for anything or anyone … including me.

If I’m not careful, the next thing that’ll need fixing… will be my heart …

That alone should’ve made me exit stage left … but it didn’t.

It only left me craving Midnight even more.

And isn’t that like pouring gasoline on a fire?


*This book contains sensitive subject matter that may not be suitable for all readers

**This is a full-length, stand alone novel.


K3’s $0.02

I was so excited to see that Harrison got his story.

Midnight Drake is Hollywood’s next it girl. She is making a name for herself as an actress. She is beautiful and smart and new to the industry. After filming a scene, she goes out with some co-workers to have a little fun but in the end turns into her worst nightmare.

Harrison takes a job for Hollywood’s up and coming actress Midnight Drake. Figuring she is a typical Hollywood starlet, too many drugs, one night stands. You know the same ol’ same ol’.

He soon realizes that Midnight isn’t what she seems. He can see that something haunts her and he realizes that he pegged her all wrong.

Midnight is forced to put on a front and it kills her inside. Soon, her past catches up with her. Her business relationship with Harrison soon turns into more than she could ever imagine.

Harrison has always been professional but somehow, Midnight has gotten under his skin. He craves her in a way he never imagined he would crave a person. Harrison being a man choses his pride over his feelings and in the process he almost loses the one person he knows he can’t live without.

I adored Midnight and her work ethic. I admired her strength. She overcame some pretty nasty obstacles and so much heartache in her life and she turned out to be an amazing woman.

Harrison’s back story shocked me a little. He had a wonderful childhood, loving parents and great friends growing up so his adversity to love confused me, but in a good way.

A.M Hargrove doesn’t disappoint. With the humor, the longing, the steamy romance and the suspense, this story will leave you satisfied.