Cold As Ice (Bedroom Games, #1) by Piper Rayne


It may be Winter Games, but the bedroom games are about to begin…

Competing in South Korea on the world stage is hard enough.

Having to spend the entire press tour beforehand with a woman who hates me? 
Karma really is a bitch.

While she’s spent the last four years loathing me, I’ve spent them ignoring the guilt that gnaws at my stomach. 

All Mia Salter cares about is that I’m her brother’s ex-best friend and it’s her duty to hate me. The funny thing is, I barely noticed her back when she was trying to keep up with us on the slopes. Now, as both of us prepare to go for gold, I’m seeing her in a whole different light—and it involves a whole lotta different positions. 

No one said the path to the Olympics would be easy.

ellie's $0.02:

To say I loved this book is a gross understatement.  Snowboarders and "Olympic" training.  Is there anything better?  I felt like I was in "Olympic" training with these athletes.  I loved, loved, LOVED these characters.  Their dynamics, their humor, their dialogue.  This book is FUN (yes, in all caps) with small doses of angst.  Don't want to keep things too drama-free.

And did I mention SNOWBOARDING?

This is a fun, entertaining, steamy read that will make you feel like you are right in the middle of "Olympic" training, the "Olympic" village and partaking in athlete life and antics... and sex.

This is book 1 in the trilogy (they are all complete standalones) and I've read two of the three at this point and they are a TOP favorite sport romance for me.

Why is "Olympics" in quotations?  Because it never is states as "Olympics" in the book.  I'm sure a trademark thingy.  So I splattered that into my review.  Winter Games.  Winter Classics.  Competition.  Whatevs.  We know what it's about.  Humor.  Athletes.  And romance.  Gold, silver, and bronze.

Damn.  Is it Feb. 8 yet.  Ready for those 2018 Winter Olympics.

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