Shadow Rising (The Shadow World #7) by Dianne Sylvan


In the 7th and penultimate novel of Dianne Sylvan’s Shadow World series, the foundation of Miranda Grey's life has once again shifted, and with it, the future of vampire kind. Instead of the traditional Pairing of Signets ruling a single territory, she is now part of a Tetrad that essentially rules half the planet.

As they race to save innocents in the path of the Prophet's army of possessed humans, Miranda, David, Deven, and Nico find themselves in new roles, wielding new power that invites new dangers.

Together with two other Pairs, the Tetrad finally steps into the Circle of the Dark Goddess Persephone, and the eight Signets learn their true purpose...along with their enemy's true identity...and his endgame.

But while the Circle learns to navigate its new reality, Miranda and her family come up against a frightening truth: The greatest threat to their world may come from within...and even the power of a Goddess may not be enough to save them all.

Pet’s $0.02

This series is probably one of my favorite vampire series out there because of the relationships Sylvan has created within their mythology.

I have been looking forward to the final showdown between the pairs in the Circle and the Prophet who’s the leader of the Order of the Morningstar (read vampire haters). The first six books in the series have all pointed to this epic clash and I could not wait to see some smack down handed out to the Prophet and his followers.

There was a lot to recommend this book. More information on the elves and Deven’s parentage. More connections between the pairs and the heartbreaking things that were done to both Nico and Kai. This should have been an easy home run. And, although I liked the book, it was ultimately not my favorite, which as disappointing. There were just too many unanswered questions, too many plot holes and for a series that had some seriously emotional scenes, it left me unaffected at the end.

I’m glad that Nico and Deven finally connected. I’m happy that the vampires and elves were able to reestablish connections between their races, and I’m thrilled the Prophet was finally defeated because that man was properly fucked up. However, David does some absolutely abhorrent things, there are betrayals that should not have been able to occur, and for people who have done some terrible things they ended up being very judgy…

As the end to the series, it’s not a total disappointment. But, it was not what I’d hoped.


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