Fury of Denial (Dragonfury; Scotland #3) by Coreene Callahan


He’s an antisocial dragon shifter with a serious sweet tooth. She’s a pastry chef who won’t give him any sugar.

Blinded in an ambush, dragon warrior Wallaig has spent half a century in the dark with one thing on his mind—vengeance. When the rogue faction responsible returns to Scotland and targets a human female, he saves her life, determined to exact his revenge—even if it means using her as bait.

Smart-mouthed Amantha Leblanc is pastry chef with dreams of opening her own shop. The money is in the bank. Her mission is clear. The plan goes to hell the second Wallaig breaks into her apartment and she defends herself with a rolling pin. With a rogue pack of dragons circling, she is forced to rely on a man she doesn’t like—but isn’t able to resist.

Pet’s $0.02

If you’re a fan of Callahan’s Dragonfury series you’ll love this series. Even if you’ve never read the Dragonfury series you’d enjoy this one. You do not need to read the others to dive into these. They stand on their own.

There are so many dragons!

They’re hot as fuck. They’re looking for their one true High Energy female. And again… they’re dragons! What more do you really want?

These are much shorter than the original series books, but they pack just as much punch as they others. The men/dragons each meet their one true mate. They have a heightened sense of duty as well as family and they will do anything to bring down the rogues.

In Fury of Denial I got to bask in all that’s Wallaig. I' been waiting for this man’s story from book one of the Dragonfury Scotland series! First, I love that fucking name. Second, this man is blind and still runs circles around the rogues. What’s not to love? He’s just one of those men that you need to know more about and it better be hot and sexy.

Amantha is spunky, driven and she’s not going to just roll over and do whatever Wallaig says when he shows up out of the blue. She has some healthy doubts. She has dreams and ambitions of her own. I applaud her skepticism when she’s told Wallaig’s reality. But, I also appreciate that there aren’t chapters devoted to her “coming to grips” with the fact there are dragons in our midst. She meets one, she deals with the drama and she moves on.

I appreciate that each of the Dragonfury Scotland books are connected with the original series. But, I think I almost like these books more. In the full Dragonfury series the men are just as hot, and the women are just as smart and capable but you don’t have the ongoing, almost fractured, story line that goes on with each new book. These are more concise and able to stand alone.

Callahan’s dragons are a refreshing change to the genre.